Seniors' Advocate Calling for Overhaul of Home Support System

The Seniors’ Advocate is calling for an overhaul of the home support system.

Susan Walsh outlined issues seniors had in accessing home support and quality care in her “What Golden Years?” report released yesterday.

The report highlights the lack of hours and pay in the industry, as well as gaps in training.

Walsh says while the report focuses on the lack of access to care due to people not being able to afford the co-pay, they heard about other issues in the industry.

She says she heard about the lack of training and oversight. She says the industry needs a level of professionalism and greater income, paired with greater oversight.

NAPE represents some 4,000 home support workers in the province and has seen many of the issues raised by the Seniors’ Advocate.

Union President Jerry Earle says he’s pleased with the report issued yesterday and says red tape is limiting access to home care for individual seniors, and is making it harder for home care workers.

He says workers are expected in some cases to drive from community to community to provide as little as two hours of home care at each location. That, says Earle, is not only an impediment to recruitment, but is not allowing people who need the service adequate access.

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