Silent Vigil for Peace in Middle East Being Held in St. John's

A silent vigil is planned for tomorrow evening at St James United Church on Elizabeth Avenue in St. John’s.

VOCM’s Gerri Lynn Mackey met up on location with Liz Ohle Convener of the St John’s Quakers and Reverend James Ravenscroft Lead Minister at St James United Church.

They’re having a silent vigil as words can sometimes be difficult to choose and throw people on one side or the other. Silence decreases the opportunity for polarization.

Reverend Ravenscroft says a lot of people around the world including Newfoundland and Labrador are hurting.

Organizers, representing members of the Quaker, United and Anglican churches, say they want humanity to be restored in the region and believe that hatred and violence are not the answers to what they call “complex differences.”

It’s at St. James United Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

They’re asking people to arrive with an openness to seek love and compassion towards all, and are requesting no signs, flags or political attire.

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