The rain, drizzle, fog and wind failed to dampen the spirits of about 200 students and other supporters who rallied for free tuition and accessible post-secondary education for all today in St. John’s.

It’s was all part of a National Day of Action, organized by the Canadian Federation of Students under the theme ‘Education is a Right.’

Some of the students carried a huge banner bearing the question, What is your student debt?, while another called for ending “administrative bloat.”

The rally began at the MUN clocktower just before noon, before the crowd marched, chanting and cheering, to the steps of Confederation Building.

There, numerous speakers spoke of the injustice behind increased tuition and other barriers preventing everyone from getting a higher education.

Mary Feltham is Newfoundland and Labrador’s representative with the Canadian Federation of Students.

“We need free education for the future generations, we need grant forgiveness for those weighed down by the debt of choosing to engage in something that is their right, and we need education justice now,” she said. “Because this is an issue that needs immediate action. We will not allow for students to be burdened with offsetting the cost of cuts to post-secondary education, and misuse from administration. Together we are united, and united we will never be defeated.”

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