Tiny Home Developer Puts Pause on Second Development in Stephenville

A Stephenville property owner says he’s getting great attention over his tiny homes development, but says it will be a while before he proceeds with the second phase of his development.

Sean Hickey is embroiled in a legal battle with the town over another issue, and says he can’t get anywhere with the current council in building the next phase of his tiny homes development.

The first twelve homes, built over a five year period on land he currently owns, are all rented out.

Hickey says rents range from $375 a month to about $600. He designed all of the structures himself, based on homes he’s seen in Florida, where he spends the winter months.

Hickey says while he’s been contacted by other municipalities and individuals, he doesn’t have the capacity to build larger developments being a very small enterprise.

As for his own plans to build a second tiny home development in Stephenville, those plans are on hold for the time being.

Hickey, who would like to build a second development on another piece of land he owns, says the first phase would not have been possible without the support of former mayor Tom O’Brien. “Under the current leadership, Mayor Rose, I wouldn’t apply for any more permits, ’cause the town has given me nothing but grief.” He says he’ll wait “until there’s a new council in 2025 before I proceed with any more.”

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