Crocker Hints at Interest in NL from Film and Television Industry

The Minister of Culture says there is plenty of interest in Newfoundland and Labrador from those involved in the television and film industry but he won’t drop any clues as to who.

Steve Crocker was speaking at a funding announcement for the local film industry on Friday. He mentioned he’s getting calls daily, but when asked by VOCM News to drop some names, neither Crocker nor Picture NL CEO Laura Churchill would give away anything further.

The provincial and federal governments last week announced $2 million in joint funding for the local film industry.

“Absolutely not,’ he exclaimed to laughter from the room. He did indicate that what he’s learned about the film industry is that it can be a bit “cloak and dagger” with a lot of secrecy around it. He says generally crews like to come in, do their thing, and then the information comes out once the project is complete and ready for release.

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