Trans Rights Advocate Calls for Improved Access to Gender-Affirming Health Care

Accessing health care continues to be a challenge for the transgender community.

That’s according to local trans rights advocate Kaiden Dalley.

As Transgender Awareness Week is being recognized in Canada and around the world, Dalley says there are still huge gaps when it comes to receiving gender-affirming surgeries and accessing hormones.

They say gender-affirming surgeries are only available out of province, which can leave someone with a large financial burden. Hormone treatment is available in NL, but Dalley says many physicians do not have the proper education on trans health care or simply do not feel comfortable enough to prescribe or monitor patients seeking hormone treatment.

Dalley says each person is different when it comes to the type of health care they require, but having access is a critical part of someone’s transition.

He says for most, having full access to a number of care options can have a tremendous impact on improving both physical and mental health.

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