Transportation Critic Calls for Reinstatement of 24/7 Snowclearing

PC MHA Loyola O’Driscoll

Opposition Transportation critic Loyola O’Driscoll is worried by signals the provincial government has not intention of providing 24 hour snow clearing services.

O’Driscoll was responding to comments made by Transportation Minister John Abbott on VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly on Friday.

Abbott indicated that around-the-clock snow clearing is not something the province is entertaining.

“We don’t commit to 24/7 because we don’t think that is needed.”

O’Driscoll says that attitude ignores the province’s geography and weather, while putting commuters at risk.

He says healthcare workers and tradespeople must travel for work and 12 hour shifts often start early and end late.

He says it’s unfortunate that the provincial government is choosing to stand by a decision made in 2016 to eliminate 24-hour snow clearing.

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