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Ying Yang Twins Net Worth

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth is $100 thousand

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth: Ying Yang Twins is a Rap Music Group. According to Forbes, Ying Yang Twins Net Worth is $100 THOUSAND. The group debuted in 2000 and rose to mainstream popularity in 2003 collaborating with Britney Spears on her album In the Zone and with Lil Jon on “Get Low”. They have received notoriety for their song “Halftime (featuring Homebwoi)” which is played at New Orleans Saints home games after most touchdowns. In 2008, the hip-hop duo released The Official Work mixtape. In 2009, they followed with their Ying Yang Forever mixtape. Just three months later, the duo released Legendary Status: Ying Yang Twins Greatest Hits. As recently as 2013, the Ying Ying Twins released Ass in session and Twurk or Die mixtape.

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